The Way It Is.

I'm only putting this here for posterity's sake, because who even looks at LJ any longer? But I felt like I should log it for some reason anyway!

Back in 2011, I said, I have like three more bleak fics I started in 2008, if I ever get around to them! And lo and behold, all these years later, here is #2. There is no rhyme or reason as to why this is happening now, aside from too many listens to folklore, but reappearing twelve years later with a bleak, epilogue compliant, unhappy ending mess is actually probably very on brand for me, so here you go.

The Way It Is
Past H/D, Present H/G, Epilogue Compliant, Unhappy and Full of Regrets

‘Give it time,’ Hermione advised. Harry was draped atop the Potions book he was supposed to be reading, the instructions for Stinging Solution an ironically cool comfort against his cheek, her fingers carding gently through his hair. ‘It was just—you’ll feel better, in time.’

‘And if I don’t?’

‘So dramatic,’ she said, but it was fond. ‘I mean, come on, Harry. It’s
Malfoy. How long could it really have lasted?’

Girl in the War.

No, you are not seeing things.

Here is: A Bleak Fic I Started In 2008 And Just Now Finished For The Heck of It #1. (If I get around to them, there are like three more.) Tonks/Remus. Books six and seven. Some beginnings but mostly endings. Title from Josh Ritter. For Susan, because what about Tonks and Josh Ritter is ever not. ♥

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Happy New Year!

I posted this on my private journal and just now realized I did not make it public here. How could I forget! Just wanted to announce the most amazing thing:

The wonderful (and talented) pennyplainknits recorded "Reparo" for podbang 2009! The result is eight hours, eight hours, and full of her amazing voices. They really bring out the characters and add depth to the story. Of particular delight are Hagrid, McGonagall, and gosh, Draco! They're all so wonderful, though. So: Reparo, recorded by pennyplainknits.

The most amazing thing is that it wasn't even recorded for me, but I get to be a secondary recipient by default because I am just so touched and pleased! When she first contacted me about it, I couldn't actually believe someone would want to spend that much time reading or listening to my little (well, not-so-little, really) fic. In conclusion, best Christmas ever, I hope all your holidays were fantastic, and check it out if you get a chance. ♥.

I originally posted this on July 18, 2007. Now re-posted!

I wasn't going to post this until after DH had been distributed to the masses, but Reena wanted it now. Look, I'm really torn up about the end of Harry Potter in general, and the canon and fandom I love, and H/D is really just a small piece of it, but I've already gone into a fit with Reena over and over again about how I can't bear all of this ending. So this bit is just about H/D. It's not all I care about, by far, it's just . . . something I wanted to say.

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Warning: some of these are eternal WiPs. This is not a comprehensive H/D rec list, nor is it my personal rec list. It's a companion piece to Aja's H/D revival post! I'm also doing this really fast so if you have better links for me (ones with more chapters) or if I missed a fic, let me know.

Edit: really should have added this yesterday & stupidly forgot: if you're an author and want your wayback links or anything else deleted off this list, sorry and please just let me know.

Also check the fabulous list of hd_nostalgia on delicious!

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And if a comprehensive fandom primer is actually what you're looking for, your best bet is probably gossymer's post right here.

And then there's Sijan's Flobbertongue. Sorry, I could only find The Restricted Section version. BUT WHY DO YOU WANT TO RELIVE THAT ANYWAY?

only a full house gonna make it through

Big Bang, Baby! Round 3!

Almost six years ago—just over five years and eleven months, to be exact—I posted "Absence". I was amalin back then, too, but a different one. And I was in fandom before that, but I view that as the true beginning, and while I might write things after this, I view this as the end.

I can't explain why, but maybe you'll get it: "Reparo" feels like the ending to the story "Absence" started. It isn't the same story, but in my mind, they're an arc, and this is where that arc stops.

I went from amalin to monochromal to cercaluna to loftily to treeswing back to amalin, and here I am, and it's been good, it really has. And now I am leaving and I feel good about that. As I said once before (or a thousand times), thanks for all the years and all the love. :-*


99,146 words. NC-17. Harry/Draco, with a mild shot of Harry/Tonks. In Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts, he must face the consequences of the attack on the Department of Mysteries and the effects of Voldemort's return. And in doing so, he finds that even your enemies can teach you valuable lessons—about the world, and about yourself.